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Pre - Networking It Really Does Help!

Updated: May 10, 2021

When going to an exhibition it can sometimes be incredibly hard for you and your brand to be seen, there could a potential of 10 other sellers of your services offering or product in the same room. So, what can you do to edge yourself just above the other businesses in the room.

We all know that now adays more than ever potential customers and clients have a list of requirements a business needs before they buy from them, which could be long or short, however the largest requirement someone needs usually is trust.

Trust that you will provide a good product or offering and at an honest speed and affordable rate, this also isn’t a race to the cheapest either, you never know someone’s budget and also you as a business owner do not want to be a busy fool.

Trust can make or break a deal and it therefore getting someone to trust you earlier on is pivotal especially for when closing deals, over 80% of people use their gut to make decisions as do I, and if I do not trust a person tends to be, I will not do business with them, how can I trust my business with you if I do not trust you as a business.

This is where networking and pre networking events come in, if an exhibition puts on a pre networking event go to it, its quite simple, especially if it is exhibitor only as then you can start your meetings and gaining trust with those other businesses before the day, you already have something in common as you both go to the same exhibition and you never know what more business you could gain from going to it.

With these events you can then build trust ready for the large exhibition and then like I have said before have the edge over those other businesses.

From the point of view of the organiser, we put these on so that you can do business, hopefully not for any financial gain, and who does not love free networking so if I were you.

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